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Recommended plants and things to do in october

Recommended plants and things to do in october

This month is really important in the wildlife gardening calendar, not only for planning and planting but making sure that your garden wildlife has all it needs to help it get through the tough winter months.


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Things to do this month

- Plant bulbs for the spring (see bulb recommendation below!)
- Dig in all that juicy compost you have been accumulating throughout the spring and summer months
- Divide fibrous rooty perennials.
- Sow seeds for grasses, trees and hedgerow shrubs
- Take cuttings from trees in the garden and propagate in the green house
- Plan and plant a woodland copse area in your wildlife garden, even if its just one tree or shrub!
- Leave at least some fallen leaves on the ground - they provide great hiding places for lots of creatures
- Continue putting food out for hedgehogs as they prepare for hibernation
-Don't collect all fallen fruit - leave some on the lawn for birds and insects
- Sow a wildflower meadow.

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Recommended bulbs

Try to find a reputable garden centre that sells native bulbs (which haven’t been nicked from the wild!)

- Wild Daffodils
- Snowdrops
- Bluebell
- Crocus
- Winter Aconite
- Hyacinth
- Primrose (not a bulb but gives the garden a lovely colour in spring and flowers early which is good for wildlife coming out of hibernation)


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